Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Friday, May 18, 2012

looking for models

Lebanon is looking for female models height 178-180 with bust 88-92cm , brunette (not black)with immediate availability for 2/3months contracts, depending from where they will be flying. If interested contact me.

Beijing is looking for female models height 175/180 with immediate availability for 3 months contracts.If interested contact me.

Monday, May 14, 2012

looking for models

Milano is looking for female models age 16-20, min. height 177, available to travel beg. of september for 3months. If interested contact me.

The director of a french agency will be scouting in Moscow from May 30th to June 1st. He is looking for female models , age 16-20, min. height 177cm not yet represented in France. If you wish to meet with him contact me.

Chile is looking for blond female models with strong book with immediate availability for 2mo contracts(if travelling from south america)or 3mo contracts(if travelling from outside south america).Flight, pocket money and accommodation advanced. If interested contact me.

Tokyo is looking for female models age 16-20, height 176-182 with immediate availability for 3mo contracts.If interested contact me.

Seoul is looking for mature, blond, male models for immediate travel for 3 mo. contracts. Flight ,accommodation and pocket money provided.If interested contact me.

Shangai is looking for female models 173-178cm tall with immediate availability for 3mo contracts. Flight, pocket money and accommodation advanced.If interested contact me.

Monday, May 7, 2012




Name: Christiana Ouellette

How long is your contract? My contract is three months.

What can you tell us about the market for new models/models whom have not yet been?
Don't judge a book by its cover. People may tell you that you cannot succeed in a market because of certain aspects you have, but they are only being negative. As long as you can walk into the casting rooms with a smile on your face, confidence and personality, you can become successful as a model in Istanbul, Turkey. The market has everything here from commercials, editorials, web shootings, show rooms, fashion shows, catalogs, etc. Any model who can show her inner beauty and not just her outer beauty can make it in this market.

What is something interesting/different about the city?
Everyone drives so crazy here! There is no rules to the roads or at least the drivers don't listen to or care about them. Istanbul is unlike other cities. There is some beautiful, green land. Other cities, they build everywhere and don't care about keeping the beauty of the land. There is no houses, only apartments. Everything is built so close together so they can keep some of the natural landscape.

What is the shopping like?
Shopping is amazing! You can find such cheap outlets for anything you need! Of course there's expensive stores but if you keep your eyes open or know where to go, you can get really good deals. Some places even bargain with you. Also, The shopping malls have metal detectors just like the airports.

Any current fashion trends that stand out/ different that you have noticed?
I have noticed that the fashion trends here are based on being a sophisticated, yet sexy woman. None of the clothes are too revealing but are still sexy. The trends I think stand out are bright, shiny and animal print clothing and/or accessories. Other very popular trends are fur coats, jackets, head scarves and very fancy dresses. There is no over accessorizing in Istanbul either.

Make-up trends that you have noticed?

Make-up trends I have noticed are red lipstick, black eye liner, a lot of blush and very natural eyeshadow.

Favorite thing about working in this market?
My favourite thing about working in this market is that they treat me like a princess. When I am at jobs, they get excited over everything I do. They clap, cheer and thank you when you do a good job. They make sure to let you know that you are liked. I get complimented over and over, which makes me feel wonderful. Plus, they always make sure to ask if I need anything like food, something to drink, rest, etc. I even had my feet massaged at one of my bookings. Turkish clients are very caring people!

What is the currency used for this market?
The currency used in this market is TL, which is liras. This is Turkish money but it really depends what job you book. Some clients go by Turkish liras and others go by American dollars. In the end though, my agency always converts it to American dollars because that's how they operate things.

Something you'd recommend to eat for somebody who has never been?

I'd recommend that someone should try eating Turkish rice, doner, simit, taco flavored Doritos, baklava, and waffles. I recommend that they would try chai, which is Turkish tea, as well.


Friday, May 4, 2012

looking for models

Barcelona is looking for male and female models with immediate availability for contracts of 2mo (if travelling btw europe) or 3mo(if travelling from outside europe).Flight and accommodation advanced.If interested contact me.

Bangkok is looking for male and female models with half-Caucasian or mixed Asian blood/ethnicity looks.If interested contact me.