Thursday, January 29, 2015

Looking for Models

We are looking for male (min. height 183cm) and female (min. height 173cm and max hips 92cm) for 3months on stay contracts starting from march in Europe, Middle East, Asia, Oceania, North and South America.If available email full book, polas, intro and walking videos and details to

Looking for Female Models min. height 177cm age 18-24 for 3 months onstay contract in Chile. If available email full book, polas, intro and walking videos and details to

Tuesday, January 20, 2015


                                                  Santiago sightseeing in Mumbai 
                                                      Debora sightseeing in Istanbul

                                                  Maialen having fun in Mexico City

                                                 Patricia sightseeing in Istanbul

                                      Debora and Bronte enjoying some free time in Mumbai

                                                          Debora sightseeing in India

                                              Maialen enjoying some free time in Manila

                                                            Cande Exploring London                                                           

                                                            Cassidy having fun in Delhi
                                                                Conchi enjoying Mexico

                                                                Estefania in Beijing
                                                       Estefania Sightseeing in Beijing
                                     Estefania Wedding Shooting Backstage, Beijing
                                            Maialen Shooting Backstage, Mumbai
                                     Audrey and Debora sending loooove from Istanbul
                                                       Audrey and her turkish friends
                                                  Dinner time for Estefania in Beijing
                                               Debora and Audrey having fun in Istanbul
                                                  Debora going to castings in Istanbul
                                                        Debora Sightseeing in Istanbul
                                              Model Life Istanbul....(Audrey)
                                                          Ramiro having fun in Milan

                                                             Antonela relaxing in Paris 
                                                 Cassidy off to castings in Cape Town
                                                          Cassidy in Cape Town
                                            Cassidy enjoying the beach in Cape Town
                                                                Paula enjoying London

                                            Karina chilling after a day full of castings in Istanbul 
                                                             Suly Enjoying Cape Town

                                        Lucio exploring India during Diwali Holidays

                                                    Maialen enjoying Goa

                                       Maialen ready to celebrate Halloween in Mumbai

                                                  Maialen and her new friend in Goa

                                          Antonela enjoying Agistri Island in Greece

                                            Ford Cars tvc Backstage (Conchi, Mexico City)
                         First Choice Travels tvc Backstage (Conchi, Playa del Carmen, Mexico)
                                             TaRosa tvc backstage (Conchi, Mexico City)

                                        Cerveza Modelo tvc backstage (Conchi, Mexico City)

                                     Kelsi enjoying a croissant before going to work (Milan)

                                                    Where is Lucio going? (Mumbai, India)

                                            Our Lucio is also a great artist (Mumbai, India)

                            Where is she going? What is she thinking? (Maialen, Mumbai, India)

                                            There she goes again.....direction Mumbai, India

                                            Lucio and Maialen are having a blast in Mumbai

                                          "If 3 can fit then 5 can fit too" (Maialen, Mumbai)

                                 "Can't be in Milan without a classic tourist picture" Kelsi 

                                                      Conchi Enjoying Mexico City 
                                                          Conchi in Mexico City

                                     New Adventure for Conchi....Mexico get ready for her!!!!

                                              Antonela sending looooove from Athens 
                                                Shooting Backstage - Athens - Antonela 
                                             New adventure for Antonela....Athens get ready for her !!!!
                                                 Show Backstage - Antonela - Munich 

Antonela meets Wally in Munich
                                              Antonela having fun in Munich
                                                              Antonela - Backstage - Munich
    "WharolMania" - Antonela - Munich 

Museum Time in Munich for Antonela

"Amazing German People"- Antonela - Munich

"My saturday with these beautiful girls" Antonela - Munich

By Antonela "My first beer in Munich"

By Antonela in Munich " My beautiful house and agency PS"

New adventure for Antonela....Munich get ready for her!!!

By Antonela "Delicias en Munchen by me"

By Antonela "castineando en Munich"

From Antonia's Blog "When I came to India I didn’t think I would be leaving Delhi but this week I left my lovely apartment and had the chance to experience a few new places. First I flew to Bangalore, a city on the other side of India for a job for The shoot went very well, I always have so much fun trying on trendy outfits and accessories. Myntra is also an amazing place to work for. The office decor and vibes are equally funky and fun, it seemed to me that everyone from the models to the employees loved their jobs. There was also a big food court that served some yummy Indian cuisines which is great for me because I get very cranky if I don’t eat enough. After I was done my job I went back to the Myntra house that has about 13 other models living in it. There are models from all over the world there and I think is so interesting to hear and interact with so many different types of people. We spent the night singing and playing guitar on the roof of the house till 3am, then it was time for me to catch my next plane."

  From Antonia's Blog "at around 5am I flew to Bangladesh, which is a country beside India for my next job. The first day of work was a lingerie shoot for a catalogue. This was my first time doing lingerie but I loved it. The whole crew made me feel so comfortable all day. Later that night another model from my agency arrived so when I finished work we went back to the hotel and ordered lots of room service (YUM). The next day we were shooting for Winter apparel, which was basically knit sweaters and tops. Both days we worked about 12 hours but time went by so fast because everyone was having so much fun. All of our personalities just clicked and the shoots went by so smoothly."

                                                                 Maialen and the Taj Mahal

                                                     Maialen travelling to the Taj Mahal

Antonia Backstage of the Shooting for the Wonderful Scarfs by Ellen Haeser- Delhi
                                                   Antonia India Comp Card
                                                  Sightseen time for Antonia in India...Have Fun....

Kitti - MAC Cosmetics Backstage - Beirut

Maialen Chilling by The Pool In Mumbai

                                                         It's Club Time in Mumbai for Maialen

Our Girls are also great chefs...who doesnt want to try one of these delicious Cinnamon Rolls baked by our Kitti in Beirut? Kitti please send us some.....

Antonia's First Selfie from Delhi
                                                      Antonia's First Rickshaw Adventure in Delhi

                                                                 Antonia Sightseeing in Delhi

                                                                   Maialen Enjoying Holi - Mumbai

                                                                   Kitti - Backstage Shooting - Beirut

Kitti - Selfie Time - Beirut

Maialen Enjoying a Traditional Marriage in India

Gorgeous Kitti - Shooting Backastage - Beirut

Kitti on her way to Beirut
" Off to the land of beautiful dresses!!!"

Maialen - Shooting Backstage - Mumbai

Kitti Enjoying Milan

Maialen - Shooting backstage Mumbai

Maialen ...Gym Time Mumbai

Maialen Having Fun in Mumbai

Maialen - Shooting Backstage in Mumbai

Kitti _ Space Style Concept Backstage - Bologna

Maialen - Calendar Backstage - Mumbai

Andrea in Milan getting ready to start to work for Stone Island 

 Gujarat Show Backstage - India  "Flying to Ahmedabad show. One week in Mumbai, first work. So excited." (Maialen )

                                         Antonia , Shooting Backstage, Delhi

                                                         Antonia Sightseeing in India